Our mission

Our mission is to guide the people and entities we work with, to develop and grow by "unlocking all their potential"

Our history

Act for Grants CIC is a new established organization in London which was formed in the summer of 2016 out of passion for non-formal education and active involvement of young leaders in the community. The goal of the Act for Grants CIC - London, is to help the sector of youth education by organizing local and international training courses, experience exchanges, and enrich the knowledge of the participants by using non-formal education. 

We work on implementing strategic partnership projects, with different partners, from public and NGO sector, in UK territory and across EU member states. A4G aims to promote educational, cultural, touristic, ecological, scientific research and promote cutting-edge technologies. We believe in improving quality of life, health and social activities of the people and communities, in relation to sustainable future development. 

About Act for Grants


Act for Grants (A4G) is a ‘not for profit’ Community Interest Company (CIC) that provides Funding, Training & Support Services to Education, Business, Community & Public organisations.

A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a legally incorporated ‘social enterprise’ that conducts its business in an ethical manner and with a distinct social ethos.

The A4G team can call on over 10 years of expert professional experience of Training and obtaining Funding for a wide range of Education, Business and Community organisations.

“We guarantee that we will never knowingly raise unrealistic expectations and that we will work closely with you to help achieve your aspirations”



A4G provides a no risk, ‘no win, no fee’ funding service that will help generate valuable project income for your organisation.

Working with A4G will help you to Save Time, Effort and Money by enabling you to concentrate on your key goals.

Our successful proven track record and experience, established over many years will help to make your aspirations a reality.

A4G Consultants have an excellent track record, based on successful bid writing results so please visit our ‘Portfolio’ section for a summary of our most recent successes.


Adrian Gheorghe


Expert in accessing grants and having more than 13 years experience as a international freelancer, project manager and consultant in EU funds.
His start in business was in 2005 helping SME to develop by accessing governmental funds. In 2012, after founded an NGO in the educational field,  he offered advice in writing bids and helping international organisations to develop accesing EU funding. He completed with Merit his Master degree on Project management for European Union funds and used his academic background and expertise as a project manager and consultant on more than 50 projects.

Next Steps...



It may help to ask some important questions about the skills within your organisation first:

  • Do you know what funding agencies to apply to?
  • Do you know if your organisation is eligible to apply for funding?
  • Have you got the skills to accurately match the project to often complicated funding criteria?
  • Do you fully understand what funders want to see on your application form?
  • Do you understand funding ‘jargon’ or know the latest ‘buzz’ words and ‘trigger’ phrases?
  • Do you know where to find the latest and most relevant statistics and supporting evidence?
  • From a practical point of view is this the best possible use of your valuable time and efforts or should you get the experts in to help?

If the answer to all of the above questions is a confident ‘YES’ then you may not need us and we sincerely wish you every success with your applications.

If, however any of your answers is ‘NO’ then don’t hesitate, contact us now because our expert Bid Writing or Bid Checking services may be just the answer to realise your ambitions.


There is absolutely no financial risk to you or your organisation whatsoever as our bid writing service is provided on a “no win no fee” basis on grants up to £10,000.